Bee Cave on Ice

Bee Cave on Ice
Posted on 01/13/2023
Bee Cave on Ice

On Tuesday, January 10th, Bee Cave’s communications specialist, Dori Kelley, provided an end-of-season summary of “Bee Cave on Ice”, Bee Cave’s inaugural open-air ice skating rink,  to city council.

Bee Cave on Ice was open for two months, November 4th through January 4th,  and hosted over 25,000 skaters. The City of Bee Cave spent $300,000 on this project, and the Hill Country Galleria invested $100,000. In the two months it was open, Bee Cave on Ice grossed $392,748.32.

“We had two major one-time expenses going into this project,” Miss Kelley said.

“The 1st major expense was the biljax, the floor and foundation supporting the rink. This one-time purchase was just over $60,000. The good news is that this foundation can be used again for other events, such as the upcoming Magnolia Theater production this summer. The 2nd major expense was the electrical work that provided the proper overcurrent protection and electrical raceway to a camlock quick-connect distribution panel that provided the required power to the chiller, which was the giant blue machine on the west side of the building. The chiller is what kept the ice frozen. This electrical work cost us just over $29,000.”

Between those two expenses and a few smaller ones, the city of Bee Cave can deduct $100,000 from expenses if council votes to bring Bee Cave on Ice back for another season.

Bee Cave on Ice generated over $29,000 in sales tax. Between taxes, credit card transaction fees, and the administration fees associated with the rink, Bee Cave on Ice net$340,919.68.

Per the city’s contract with the Hill Country Galleria, the city reimbursed their $100,000 investment which left approximately $240,000 back into the city’s HOT fund.

The February sales tax report will provide more information on what shopping and dining benefited from the rink, including the holiday numbers. In the meantime, the response from the community and businesses was overwhelmingly positive, with many already inquiring if Bee Cave on Ice will be back for more seasons so they can share this tradition for years to come.