International Dark Sky Community

In April of 2023 The City of Bee Cave became the State's 7th dark sky community. The City of Bee Cave is committed to preserving the night sky and its nocturnal environment for its scientific, natural, education, and public enjoyment. The City recently approved new lighting regulations for both residential and commercial development that meets the International Dark Sky Association lighting requirements. Being a Dark Sky Community offers protection for the habitat within our Bee Cave community as well as the various protected lands that surround us. Not only has the habitat in Bee Cave and the surrounding areas benefited from our commitment to dark skies, but our residents and visitors alike have enjoyed seeing more stars at night and reaping the health benefits of reduced light pollution. Some of the initiatives we have taken to promote dark skies include:

  • Educating the public on the importance and benefits of a Dark Sky.
  • Hosting family friendly educational and fun Dark Sky events with variety of groups such as the library and the local Astronomical Society
  • Asking businesses to sign a pledge to minimize outdoor lighting at night.
  • Promoting "Lights Out!" months to our community to encourage residents to turn off lights outside when they are not needed.
  • Providing information on the types of lighting resources available to mitigate light pollution.
  • Working with local organizations to transfer over to dark sky compliant lighting. (Our local LTYA is the first private sports complex in the country to receive the dark sky designation).
Sky Brightness
Dark Sky Pamphlet