Give Input on Potential New Roads

Give Input on Potential New Roads
Posted on 11/10/2022

Opportunity to Weigh in on Two Local Proposed New Roads


If you’ve been on our roads, near our schools, or ventured out at all lately you’d agree that we’re about the worst kept secret in the region. At times the massive growth might feel like we’re victims of our own successes but that growth has provided opportunities to expand offerings locally while maintaining a practically non-existent property tax. To address some of our needs, staff and City Council collectively worked on and began implementation of our Capital Improvements Plan (CIP).

As a part of that plan we’re excited to expand our Bee Cave Central Park, Public Library, and pedestrian connectivity. Perhaps the most important part of the plan are the traffic safety improvements which include new road facilities providing routes for in-town trips on a local street system and off the heavily traveled state highways.

Local options for improvements of the state road system are limited and those longer term solutions require participation by entities from local officials up to Federal programs, in short, they’re slow moving. One component of the CIP was a comprehensive study of a potential new road facility, parallel to SH71, from Bella Colinas all the way to the Shops at the Galleria. The City has engaged Rodriguez Transportation Group (RTG) to complete the analysis and assist with recommendations to City Council for future discussions about connectivity and local roadways.

We encourage you to participate in the public feedback process on this potential improvement as well as all other public discussions about implementation of the CIP. On November 16th at 06:00 PM, we hosted an open house in the Community Rooms at Bee Cave City Hall, 4000 Galleria Parkway, where RTG consultants provided information on the results of their analysis. We are currently conducting neighborhood meetings to get a greater cross-section of feedback from our entire community.

On this page we have the information that was shown at that Open House in video format, which talks through each option or through a PDF where you can just view the options. Please take a moment to provide feedback either directly at the open house or through email at [email protected]